Adventures in cooking sustainably, healthfully, and locally

Until Dave puts the kybosh on it anyway.

What in the world is this about, anyway?

I don't get a whole lot of questions yet, let alone Frequently Asked Questions.

But in case you get curious:

1. Why, Lori?  Why?
Why indeed.  As stated in the first post, we just want to see what it takes to eat "locally".  Sounds like fun, not too hard of a hobby, and I can save some gas too.  Plus, my sister has been a tremendous influence on this as well; she's been living La Vida Local for years now, as best and as genuinely as possible.  I admire it. 

2. What means "local"?
Whatever is home grown, right here in Colorado. 

3. Sounds like you are going all hippie on us.
You're a hippy.

4. What about these recipes?  Are they any good?
Sometimes.  I'm not the greatest cook.  I'm a good baker, but not a good cook.  I think a good cook has a good palate, a knack for spontaneity, a great instinct, and a bit of pizazz.  I have none of these, but I do like to try. 

5. So Dave's reviews of your recipes are true?  Really give you 1/5 stars sometimes?
Yes.  Look, the guy has to eat my cooking for the rest of his life and if he lies about what he likes he'll never enjoy a meal ever again.  Honesty is the best policy.  He says I make great chocolate chip cookies.  My mom says I make a great cheesecake.  Therefore, they'll get those from me time and time again.  But zucchini quesadillas?  Not so much.  I deal fairly well with constructive criticism.