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Thursday, March 14, 2013

One More Season

If this year doesn't go well again, I want to say that this is my last season of veggie gardening.  But every year when gardening doesn't go well, I say that and every year I come back to try again.

Such is the life of a brown/black thumb who so badly wants to be a greenie.

The weather has turned toward springtime here in Colorado and I'm chomping at the bit to start my garden.  This year we're trying something different: a container garden with drip irrigation.  What is on the list?

1. Tomatoes.  I have yet to have a good tomato crop.  Year one I was punched with rot and year two was that blasted hail storm.  This year, I'm trying one - just one - tomato plant.  Because I'm a masochist.

2. Peas.  I'm going to admit that the only reason peas are on the list is because they are an early season plant that I can see us eating.  And I want to be able to start planting in April.

3. Spinach.  On the list for the same reason as #2.  I tried last year (hail chewed it to pieces.)  I'm going to give it one more year.  We do eat a lot of spinach in this house, so I'm really pulling for this one.

4. Zucchini.  Year one we had a bumper crop, last year we had nothing.  I hear that zucchini are hit or miss here in CO so we'll continue to try.

5. Jalapenos.  We had a good crop last year.  Going to try again.

A friend of mine might have some leftover seedlings that she may give me, some peppers I believe.  So I might try those again this year.  Not that I've ever had any luck with green peppers, but there you go.  I went through my seed stash and it appears that I have bush beans and bush cucumbers, so I might try those as well.  Small, simple garden this year.  Something has got to work, right?  Maybe this simplicity plus automatic watering will help.  Otherwise this'll be my last year.


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