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Friday, June 1, 2012

So... now what?

I wanted to post some pics, but our camera is MIA.  So just the glorious vision of my typewritten words...


Confession: I'm not very good at this.  My thumb is brown, at best.  Not even a green brown, like a baby poop brown.  Brown, fading into black.

Things that work against me include my flakiness and my inability to really tell if soil is wet, damp, or dry (this also hindered me in the field when doing my good ol' soil sampling.  I also was a lousy field geologist, come to think on it, so maybe this is related...).

I inherited that orchid, right?  I was checking it daily.  Wet, wet, wet, wet.  So I stop checking it daily.  Checked it last week.  Result? Bone dry.  Leaves are drooping.  I only hope I can salvage that beautiful beast.

The african violet?  Same story.  Wet, wet, wet, wet.  Check it last week?  Bone dry.  That little sucker isn't going to make it.

My hanging potted plants.  Dropped $30 on those!  Went away for Memorial Day because they were holding their moisture so well, but when I got home one was half dead.

My rose.  Sizzled.  My new rose that was mail ordered is so small and pathetic, I'm almost regretting buying it. Heck, from Home Depot, I could get a happy, healthier, bigger plant for the same price and I could have at least a season to kill it.  This little guy, not sure if I even have a season.

Heaven help the things we consume.  Garden isn't doing bad... yet.

Hobbies are precious things, things we do because we want to.  Because we love it.  Reading is an awesome habit for me because it's almost free.

Gardening, on the other hand, is not.  Sure, weeding is free (which reminds me, the berm has gone wild again...).  For how much I spend on flowers and veggies each season, and then I get so little return... not sure if this is a good hobby anymore.

I suppose I'm tired of getting so excited about the possibilities and then, despite my best efforts, it all dies.  Tomatoes rotted.  Peppers non-existent.  *sigh*

So I'm considering tossing in the towel and maybe just focusing on killing just flowers instead of veggies, and even then, only a couple.  Go to rock-scaping and have nothing live to kill.  Invest all that money that I'm quite literally burying in the ground only to disappear and instead... get a manicure.  Pick up a cheaper hobby... like...

Writing?  Heh!

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