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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tis the Season

I know that we aren't the only ones with magnificent weather waaaay to early in the season.  But I'll take it!  I've been trying to work on the garden with Gracie, and so far, so good.  Well, except my last season rose bush.  I didn't keep up with the rabbit deterrents enough and those bastards nibbled it to the ground again.  It currently has a plastic holey crate over the stub.  I think it'll be too late.

Here are some pics of the work done so far:

Our serviceberries were being attacked by ravenous mule deer, and so I hung a chunk of Irish Spring from a branch.  No deer has come back since.  Keeping fingers crossed!

I desperately wanted color in the front yard, but just couldn't afford to deck out the whole yard with new annual landscaping.  So I spent $30 on some marigolds, moss roses, and a dianthus (and English daisies, but they don't do well in full sun).  So now we have a nice little pop of color in our front yard.  I like it.

That little speck of green may or may not be squash returning from our failed attempt last year.  So I'm going to water it and if it turns out to be a veggie, great!  If not, the best cared for weed ever!

Spinach is already popping up!  I'm labeling the veggies this year with scrap wood and magic marker.

The broccoli bucket.  With a broccoli sign.

Some broccoli coming up!

More broccoli coming up!

I'm going to admit it.  I was lazy with the broccoli and the spinach.  They have such tiny seeds ... so I just sort of dumped the whole packet in the barrel and the raised bed.  I thinned the broccoli this morning, and I need to do it with the spinach too.  I was more precise with planting my potatoes this morning.

Now that things are starting to grow, I need to deter the wildlife some more.  Blood meal, Irish Spring, and Bobbex.

On deck: gooseberries, onions, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, double knock out rose bush, blue fescue, creeping phlox, shade wild flowers, and getting those daisies in the ground.

Stay tuned!

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