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Monday, September 13, 2010

You Say Buff-alo, I Say Boo-falo

A recent restocking of the meat (just around starting this little adventure) we bought a load of meat from Costco. Chicken, beef, lamb, and bison. All of which we now know can be procured from our local meat farms.

We pulled out some of that bison later last week. Dave's turn to cook!

It really isn't a recipe really; Dave simply seasoned it with a rub (typically a mix of onion salt, garlic, or Lawry's seasoning), pan seared the chunk o' meat, and baked it. The baking called for it to be covered in aluminum foil:

Paired with mashed potatoes and corn and dipped in huckleberry BBQ sauce, the meal could have been 99% local (Hidden Valley dressing in the mashed potatoes, BBQ sauce)

Dave and I both gave this 3/5 stars: a good solid meal that we would make again.
This meat had a very slightly gamey taste and proved to be a nice substitute for the good old fashioned steak. Red potatoes were used in the mashed potatoes, skin on. Corn was simply a frozen bag of corn.
What an all American meal, eh?


  1. Dang, now I am hungry, and I just ate! That looks very good!