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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Me and my local grocery store

I love Sprouts. It is a nearby grocery store chain that simply prides itself on providing organic options at reasonable prices.

"Purchased from local growers, when possible."

Unfortunately for my store, that seems to include only peaches. Much of the produce is from the U.S.A., but I was thinking a tad more local than that. Bags of potatoes? California. Strawberries? California.

Strolling down the aisles revealed exotics from as far away as New Zealand. Some home grown honey, but that was the only thing that truly caught my eye. Even our Boulder distributed Boulder Canyon Potato Chips doesn't really tell me where they get their potatoes from (except that it comes from the U.S.A.). Now, you could do a whole lot worse than these tasty chips that come in a compostable bag from a company that prides itself on sustainability. That's all cool.

But I want *local* potato chips, even if I have to make them myself. Which may be the case.

Anyway, I decided to ask the cashiers why I wasn't seeing more local produce. One of the girls mentioned that it depends on what is in season. Like the peaches...did I see the peaches? Yes, but I didn't want peaches. Judging from the farmer's markets, squash, onions, and potatoes are just a start of what should still be chugging out of farms right now and could potentially be on Sprouts shelves. And eggs are always in season. "Well, that would cost more." Yes I know this, but I'm in a position to spend a bit more on food I want, and I'd like to support more local companies and farmers (and less Monsanto-run companies). They were all very polite about it, very nice, and seemed to be a bit taken aback by a concerned customer. I didn't cop an attitude and they in turn were very helpful. One of the many reasons I like to support this store.

I asked how a person like me could lobby a chain like Sprouts to include more local produce. The website, they said. I'd get a quick response.

So I sent in my little request about an hour ago, and I will let you know what happens.

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