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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Great Goat Vote

Taken from my favorite goat farmers at Blue Barn!

Half of you are willing to actually try goat milk. That half included me.

So I tried it.


... other than a very vague grassy aftertaste, it tastes completely like 2% milk. Swear to god. That jar of goat milk sat in my fridge for days, taunting me, daring me to take a sip. I don't know what my problem was... I mean, really, I've drunk gallons of the cow version throughout my life. Why am I having such an issue with a silly goat? It's practically a pet, like a dog. Ugh, I totally wouldn't drink Hailey/Queen Bubbles (our yellow lab) milk. Ew. She farts way too much.

But I met the goat that provided me the milk...and she didn't smell...

Finally, last week I filled up an inch in a small tumbler and took a hesitant sip: hm! Tastes exactly like normal milk. As I poured myself a bowl of Kix and topped it with goat milk, I finally got the very vague sense of grassiness on my tastebuds.

With Kix, no lingering taste at all.

If you are allergic to cow milk, I'd actually recommend it.

If the thought of drinking goat milk still gets to you on a mental level, then just think of it as the hotdog of the milk world. Tastes great; just don't think about where it's from.

I guarantee, though, that fresh goat milk (not the canned!) is less mysterious and nefarious than those Oscar Meyer Weiners.

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