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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Accidental Mexi-Pork Soup

Our pork loin dried out int he slow cooker. We filled the crockpot with water, popped in the loin, and after 10 hours it was sitting in about an inch of water and it was DESERT dry.

What to do? Make soup of course. Dave mentioned that some beans, rice, corn, and tomatoes could be good. So here is what we tried:


1 - large, overcooked chilean lime pork loin, shredded

1 can corn (no sugar added)

1 can diced tomatoes

1/2 zucchini, julienned

1 lb pinto beans, already soaked and drained

1 pkg of Mexican Rice, by Knorrs

Several cups of water

Toss in slow cooker.

See what happens. Cuz I'm not sure yet. ***Update!*** This morning, after 8 hours in the slow cooker, it was a glorious hot mess that was more the consistency of dip rather than soup. Could use some onions and more liquid, but I just enjoyed a nice lunch. Makes approx. 8 - 1 cup servings. Lori rating: 3/5 stars. Dave's reaction: "Ugh, that looks disgusting." So ok, I need to work on presentation too. But if anyone likes refried beans, they'll like this.

Origin Breakdown:

Pork - unknown
Mexican Rice - "Made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients"
Hunt's Diced Tomatoes with green pepper, celery, and onion: ConAgra, out of Omaha
Kroger White and Gold Corn: Distributed by Droger, out of Cincinnati. Made in USA.
Kroger Pinto Beans: Same as the corn, but no reassuring "Made in USA" on the package
Zucchini - Home Grown!

How we can improve this and make this more local:

Pork - find a pig farm.
Mexican Rice - utilize my own spices and keep looking for rice*.
Tomatoes - this is a no brainer. First: do not let your garden get overtaken by psyllids. Second: harvest good tomatoes. Third: Harvest enough to warrant actually canning something. Easy.
Corn - we have popping corn for next years garden. Perhaps I could plant a stalk or two of normal corn?
Pinto beans - Er.... lemme look that one up... Oh, well look at that. Turns out I can grow them. I wonder if it matters that I failed at growning green beans this summer...

Lesson: I could actually take this from 1 local ingredient out of 6 to 5 out of 6. ~17% to ~83% local.

How will I encourage this? By donating all of our canned goods to feed the hungry and starting over. It won't be much, but at least some people will get some decent food and we can start over in the canned goods department. Here's hoping!

*I may have a lead on the harder-to-find items! Not rice, but I found local flour AND sugar beets! In fact, my lead popped a comment in a previous post. is a local vendor that has my home grown baking essentials right in the Denver Metro area. I'm going to be picking some up within the week. Then we can test out a few recipes with Dave...

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  1. A quick suggestion - you don't need to find a pig farm to get pork! I go to a small farmer who has a few pigs, a few chickens, a few geese, you get the idea. They almost always have pork but do run out if they don't slaughter a pig here and there. They're not exactly pig farmers, but just a small farm certified to sell stuff. =) Good luck! And it's cool to read about your journey - it reminds me of when we got started and how I worked so hard to get any info! I'm happy to report it gets easier =)