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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Garden in Turmoil

Let's get the bad news out of the way straight up. I've got psyllids. They're multiplyin'. And they are killing my tomatoes and starting on my peppers. Plus, I've got powdery fungus on my squash leaves, dangnabit.

Garden from afar:
But here you can see the damage:

*sigh* Our neighbors were having the same symptoms (without the telltale signs, which are these green oval sacs on the leaves - I didn't even know I had a problem. Dave told me I should get the leaves looked at) but the neighbors were simply overwatering. I thought I was too until I noticed teenie tiny eggs on leaves.


So I cut off a couple of samples of leaves and one of my squash leaves b/c those had the powdery residue on them. Right out of the bag, the experts at Tagawa Gardens knew what we were dealing with. She had two suggestions: Rose Defense or Sevin. The first is a more environmentally friendly option that kills only "pests"; Sevin kills 'em all. I asked her what she would use on her own garden and she responded with the Rose Defense. I figure if that was good enough for her garden, then it was good enough for me. With the instructions to simply rigorously wash my veggies prior to consumption and probably get the ripened veggies off the vine before spraying, I brought home my $10 cure.

I used the whole bottle. EVERYTHING was infested, even the cucumbers were starting to show the signs. So I doused it all. I managed to get the two nice cucumbers off the vine and 3 cherry tomatoes before spraying.

We'll see if they are salvagable. The mold already is vanishing off of the squash leaves. Besides, the squash are fine; the mold doesn't really get to the fruit. The spaghetti squash are just about ready... Baked another 3 breads this weekend with the zucchini. :) A first year lesson for me; now I know what to look for so I can catch it earlier.

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